Post Surgery Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Ultra Sound

One of the most effective ways to treat post-surgical lymphedema is with lymphatic drainage massage. This specialized technique provides drainage that clears the lymphatic fluid away, reducing both swelling and bruising, helping make the results more immediately apparent.

45 min $75 per area


Ultrasound Cavitation is an aesthetic treatment that converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. Cavitation is not a method to lose weight but to reshape the body. Treatments reduce cellulite and prevent fat cells from recurring in the treated areas. For best results, we recommend between 6 and 10 sessions.

45 min $95 per area

Better Body Contouring Massage

This vigorous massage stimulates the lymphatic system, breaking down fat particles, making the appearance of cellulite smoother and the skin more tone. Overtime, this massage also contours the body, reducing inches, shaping the silhouette. This is a treatment plan, so for best results, we recommend minimum of 10 sessions.

Body Wrap

Mud wraps are known for increasing circulation and removing toxins from the skin, thereby tightening and firming skin texture. Green Clay is applied to the body allowing nutrients to be absorbed by the skin. Muscle relaxation and pain relief are additional benefits that have been associated with the body wrap.

30 min $60 per area

Full Body: 60 min $100

Body Scrub

Buff away dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin with our cleansing and exfoliating body scrubs to brighten the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and moisturized.

50 min $75

Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin bath is a heat therapy treatment for hands and feet, that not only softens and soothes the skin, but is also very beneficial for arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. The heat from the paraffin helps increase blood flow, relaxing the muscles of the treated area.

Hands $15 / Feet $15 / Combo $25