You may have heard, recently, of the growing popularity of Ashiatsu Massage. However, what you might not know is what Ashiatsu Massage is and the benefits involved. Ashiatsu Massage is, essentially, a deep tissue massage performed with bare feet. The massage uses precision, focused pressure on soft tissues and bones to repair damage and promote general health and wellness. Due to the precision of the techniques used in Ashiatsu Massage, there are not yet many practitioners in the U.S. In fact, Evelyn Chan – owner of Better Body Spa – is only one of two listed operators on the Ashiatsu Certified Site, for the Broward County area of Florida.

Restore Energy

If you are suffering from fatigue, stress or lethargy, Ashiatsu Massage is an excellent treatment to help you get back feeling like your old self. An Ashiatsu Massage therapist’s feet are conditioned to identify areas of stress and tension, and work out any knots that are making you feel tensed up. Unlike other massage therapies, Ashiatsu Massage is often completely pain free. The soles of the feet are soft, allowing the therapist to gently work along the para-spinals and the lumbar region, realigning disk space.

Improve Healing

Athletes, especially, will benefit from Ashiatsu Massage. If you have suffered sprains, joint or ligament damage, your massage therapist can use Ashiatsu Massage to help speed up your healing and recovery. Better yet, athletes can expect to see improvements in overall range of movement and flexibility. Ashiatsu Massage therapists use supports so, when you are receiving treatment, the therapist can adjust weight and pressure depending on the type of strain or injury.

Ashiatsu Massage has been practiced for 1,000s of years, in various forms, among many cultures. However, modern technology has allowed therapists to hone the process and further increase the benefits of Ashiatsu Massage. If you are interested in Ashiatsu Massage, contact a licensed practitioner, such as Evelyn Chan, today.

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