More than simply being a pain reliever, massage has significantly more advantages, many of which can add longevity of years and a healthy life. Though not known to many, massage reduces circulatory strain, fortifies the immune system, rejuvenates the cells and improve posture. In addition, it improves flexibility and attentiveness, which benefits everyone in this busy world we live in. Bottom Line: Massage is so much more than just relaxation, although relaxation is certainly a wonderful benefit! In general the world is waking up to the importance of preventing illness and preserving health, which can be seen in the surge of alternative medicine, yoga, gyms and massage salons that are now available.

The secret to getting the full benefits of massage is consistency. Just like breathing and taking a shower, the body needs to recover and rejuvenate from the constant stress of daily life. Having a weekly massage relaxes the veins and reduces the level of stress hormones or cortisol and averts dejection and tension. This in turn, lessens the risk of heart attacks and induces a state of well-being that gives you a natural glow, making you feel more young and dynamic. Full body massage provides relief to tired muscles, allowing them to recover from exercise and stress and ultimately become stronger. In recent months, Better Body Day Spa has become an oasis to business executives, tired moms, athletes and patients recovering from surgery, due to the wide range of services offered in both massages and facials. Members of the Spa love its privacy, ease of parking and individual attention and lower rates, all benefits of their VIP Member Program.

We all know that massage reduces one’s stress levels, but did you know that it also diminishes the chances of an individual’s exposure to pathogens by amplifying the body’s cytotoxic limit? Our bodies are naturally designed to fight diseases and when we take care of our bodies, it boosts our immune system to be that much more effective in protecting us from sicknesses. We need our bodies to be at their best to support our life’s pursuits.

Injured athletes and post-surgery patients want faster healing and they know that one way to achieve this is through massage. The right kind of massage awakens the body’s muscles and increases the circulation of body fluids to supply important nutrients to the most essential organs of the body, thus speeding up the healing process.

Massage facilitates the strain in exhausted muscles, increases the flexibility in joints by invigorating the production of body liquids and lubricants, in order to permit the body to position itself effortlessly. In this way, the individual can move freer and easier and can continue work-out activities and simple day to day assignments without any discomfort. The latest research and studies shows that even the HIV patients who have regular massages are now seeing a positive change in their health. Did You Know that massage can also trigger the body’s natural pain killers? Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, producing endorphins which act as natural pain killers.

Massage has a proven track record in providing relief and relaxation, speeding up healing and recovery, enabling individuals to handle stress and deal with loss as well as significantly contributing to an improved state of overall health.

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  1. It’s interesting how you said that massages have benefits that can help increase your longevity. Talking to medical services that are experts in the field of helping to increase your life would probably be able to help you with that as well. Working with the two simultaneously might be able to help you really live a lot longer by leading a healthy life!

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