Every type of cosmetic surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast reduction, is followed by a recovery period. The procedures can leave the tissue in the area mildly inflamed and lymphatic fluid can build up in the area surround the surgery or liposuction. Many cosmetic surgeons will recommend a postoperative lymphatic drainage massage a few days or weeks after a procedure. A gentle massage can be very helpful in recovery from surgery and the prevention of negative side-affects.

A lymphatic drainage massage helps stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic drainage system is an important part of our body’s immune system that fights off inflammation and disease. Water build-up, viruses and toxins are carried out of our body through the lymph system. It also is a pathway for the delivery of nutrients and fluids to our cells. The trauma of cosmetic surgery can cause lymphatic fluid to pool in an area rather than continuing to flow and drain as it usually doing.

Some of the benefits than can be realized by lymphatic drainage massage, following cosmetic surgery are:

  • Bruises diminish faster.
  • Faster recovery.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Maintains moisture in the skin.
  • Encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a very gentle and relaxing massage. The goal is to help your body to release its own natural healing properties.

At Better Body Spa, our motto is “Better Body, Better Life”!

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