Enhance your eyes and achieve a beautiful natural look with our eyelash extensions.

Our Eyelash Extensions fuse smoothly with your own eyelashes so they look like a single eyelash and you are not able to see any residual adhesive – so no “clustering” and no “clumping” !

Eyelash Extension Types

Natural Look

1.5 hours – 50 lashes per eye

The natural lash achieves an everyday look. It adds thickness to your existing lashes but does not change the shape of the eye. We use 1-2 curvatures in varying lengths and apply approximately 50 lashes per eye.


2 hours – 70 lashes per eye

The glamour lash achieves an everyday look with more thickness and length if desired than the fun lash, however it does not yet achieve a full look. It also helps enhance the eye shape and is ideal for Asian clients. We use 2-4 curvatures in varying lengths and apply approximately 70 lashes per eye.


2.5 hours – 90 lashes per eye

The glamour lash is appropriate for a special event. It achieves a dramatic look and enhances the eye shape. It also gives more thickness and length. We use 2-4 curvatures in varying lengths and apply approximately 90 lashes per eye.

Lash Refills

30 minutes – 25 lashes per eye – $50

50 minutes – 35 lashes per eye – $70

1.5 hour – 45 lashes per eye – $90

Lash Removal

Eyelash extensions ​should fall our naturally after two weeks, but inevitably one or two stubborn one hold one. Yanking them out is not only painful, it will also cause you to pull out your natural lashes along with the fake ones. Our eyelash extensions remover is made in Japan with all natural ingredients. Our lash experts will gently remove one by one from your own lashes.

Procedure may take between 10 to 30 minutes, price will vary accordingly. 

General Information

Do not wear any eye makeup or mascara for your appointment. If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses for your appointment. Depending on the quality of your existing lashes, your appointment time may vary. Please plan accordingly. Prior to your first appointment you will have a consultation with our lash experts to discuss if and how they can achieve the look you desire given the quality of your existing lashes.